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Family & Partner Mediation Coupling Services
Family & Partner Mediation Family Dispute Resolution
Family & Partner Mediation Uncoupling

If you are moving in together or entering into a permanent partnership you may be wondering about the implications.  Mediation can help you reality check some of the common myths surrounding this. 

If your wider family is experiencing problems about inheritance, inter family conflict or other matters mediation can help to find mutually acceptable resolutions.   

Family & Partner Mediation Blended Families

Mediation is now the preferred method of resolving an argument, or issues that occur after a separation, or the breakdown of a relationship; including arranging child contact, the co-parenting of a child, child support maintenance and disputes involving money and property. 


If you are not sure your relationship can stay intact mediation can help you discuss your issues and decide the way forward.

There are often challenges when recoupling and blending families. Mediation is an early intervention which can avoid bitterness and hostility.


We provide mediation services all over the South East of England.  However, as most meetings are now carried out virtually, your exact location is less significant. We are able to support mediation both in the UK and Internationally. Please let us know if you would prefer to meet in person.

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