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When families initially fracture children can be confused, despairing and frequently experience feelings of guilt, believing themselves to be somehow responsible for their family situation. Mediation can help to children to have a voice in influencing the choices their partners make for their future arrangements.
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The sessions are intended to ask them to think about how they may help their parents plan for the future and what they would like their parents to know.


Our mediators are specially trained in child mediation and have given many children the opportunity to talk about their hopes and fears for the future.

From August 2014 the Child Maintenance Service (formerly the Child Support Agency) will charge you to establish what child support is required. Mediation is now recommended as a cheaper alternative.



The initial meeting is held with the parents to explain the process and seek consent.

Children will receive a written invitation to meet with the mediator.

At the meeting the children identify the things that want to talk about. Their words are recorded exactly.

After having their words read back to them, the children choose what they wish to be told to their parents.


Your children or the mediator will give you their feedback at a separate meeting depending on their decision previously.

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