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Putting you and your family at the centre of your separation

Family Support

With over 20 years of experience helping couples and families reach joint decisions on how to separate, we are your trusted partner in separation mediation.  We are dedicated to helping people navigate the challenges of separation, making a difficult time easier for you.  

We understand that separation can be an emotional process.  Our team of experienced mediators are here to provide a supportive and neutral environment where everyone can express their concerns and work towards mutually beneficial solutions.  We aim to minimise conflict and prioritise the well-being of all family members involved.  

Trust Family Partner Mediation to guide you through this challenging time with compassion, professionalism and respect.  

Family Mediation Council

All our mediators are accredited by the FMC, adhere to their Code of Practice and maintain high ethical standards.

All our family mediators belong to one or more of the FMC's Member Organisations

Family Mediation Association
Legal Aid Agency
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