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Child Mediation

Mediation helps children by focusing on their needs and aims to reduce any negative impact of separation.

Mediation can be a valuable tool in helping children navigate the challenge of parental separation.  Some of the benefits are explained below

Reduced Conflict

Mediation focuses on fostering communication and cooperation between separating parents and families.  This helps to reduce conflict, which helps to create a more stable and less stressful environment for children.  High-conflict separation can be detrimental to children's emotional well-being, and mediation works to minimise this risk.

Child-Centred Approach

Our mediation processes are designed to be child-centred.  This means we put the child's needs, interests and well-being as the primary focus.  We work with parents and children to support decision-making that considers the best interest of the children, and ensure they are considered in every step of the process.  

Open Communication

Mediation encourages open communication between parents as well as children.  This can lead to better co-parenting relationships, which are crucial for providing children with a sense of security and consistency.  When parents communicate effectively, it reduces confusion and anxiety for the children.

Faster Resolution

Mediation can be quicker than traditional court proceedings.  A faster resolution means less disruption to a child's life, allowing them to adjust to new arrangements sooner.  This can be less upsetting for them and helps them move forward more easily.

Flexibility & Customisation

Mediation allows parents to create flexible and customised parent plans tailored to their children's specific needs.  This flexibility helps ensure that the arrangements work for everyone involved, contributing to a smoother transition for the children.

Relationship Preservation

Mediation can help preserve relationships between children, parents and other family members.  This is important for maintaining a supportive network for the children during and after the separation.


Mediation is confidential, which can protect children from the public exposure and scrutiny often associated with court cases.  This confidentiality can reduce stress and embarrassment for children and allow parents to focus on resolving issues privately.

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