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We are proud of the training we provide to mediators, supporting the integrity of the profession 

Becoming a Mediator

A comprehensive guide to becoming a mediator in the UK

Becoming a mediator in the UK involves several key steps, including education, training, accreditation, and gaining practical experience.  


Educational Background

There are no specific educational requirements to become a mediator in the UK, but having qualifications in law, psychology, social work or a related field can be beneficial.  Understanding family law and dynamics is particularly important for divorce mediation.  


Mediation Training

All mediators need to compete a family mediation training course accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMC).  These courses typically involve at least 60 hours of training and cover essential mediation skills, family law and ethical standards.  Training courses are offered by various organisations, including National Family Mediation (NFM) and Resolution.


Observation and Practical Experience

After completing the initial training, you need to observe experienced mediators in practice.  This involves sitting in on mediation sessions to gain first hand experience of the mediation process and techniques used.   All mediators have to complete an agreed number of mediation sessions under supervision before mediating independently. 



To become accredited, all mediators must achieve FMC accreditation by compiling a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates competency in family mediation.  This includes detailed case studies, feedback from clients and supervisors, and other documentation.  This portfolio is submitted to an FMC accredited service for assessment.  


Ongoing Professional Development

Once accredited, all mediators must engage in continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain their accreditation.  This typically involves attending workshops, training sessions and other education activities.  It is important to stay updated with changes in family law and mediation practices.  


Registration and Insurance

All mediators register with the FMC to be included on their register of family mediators, and have appropriate professional indemnity insurance cover in place.   



Mediators can join an existing mediation service, like Family Partner Mediation, or start their own practice.  Joining an established practice provides valuable support and client referrals.  



All mediators must have a Professional Practical Consultant (PPC), who is an experienced family mediator who acts as a supervisor.  

Contact us to arrange supervision with a Professional Practical Consultant (PPC) 

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