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Complaints Procedure

It is our hope that you will not need to complain.  In the event that you are not happy with the service you have received it is most important that you let us know as soon as possible.  You will be treated with respect and understanding.

Our complaints procedure is designed to ensure that any concerns about the mediation process or mediator conduct are handled transparently, fairly and efficiently.  We follow the Family Mediation Council complaints procedure as set out below. 


Raise the compliant informally

If you have a concern or compliant about the mediation process or your mediator's conduct, it is often best to start by raising it directly with the mediator.  This can sometimes resolve issues quickly and informally. 


Formal Compliant Submission

If the issue is not resolved informally, you should submit a formal written compliant.  The complaint would need to breach the FMC’s Codes of Practice or Standards Framework.  Any complaint must be made within three months of the date of the last mediation session.  T

Your complaint should be directed to Family Partner Mediation and should include your name, contact details, the mediator's name and a clear description of the issue, including relevant details and any dates.  You should also include copies of any supporting documents or evidence and the outcome you are seeking.


Acknowledgement of the Complaint

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 10 working days of it’s receipt and following an investigation of the complaint, a response will be made within 30 working days.  Should it be necessary to extend this period for any valid reason or circumstance you will be notified in writing.


Investigation of the Compliant

The compliant will be investigated by a senior mediator or an appointed complaints officer who was not involved in your mediation process. The investigator may review all relevant documentation, and gather any additional information necessary to understand the issue.  If the matter cannot be resolved, and should you be in agreement, the matter can be discussed in mediation.


Response to the Complaint 

After the investigation is completed, you will receive a written response a written response detailing the findings and any actions that will be taken.  This will occur within 30 working days.  Should it be necessary to extend this period for any valid reason or circumstance you will be notified in writing.   


Appeal Process

Should you feel that we have not dealt with the matter to your satisfaction you may appeal to the Family Mediation Standards Board, who operate under the FMC.

They have specific criteria when assessing the validity of any complaint:


  • The mediator, about whom you wish to complain, would need to be registered with the Family Mediation Council

  • You are  making a complaint about the  registered mediator as a previous client of theirs, or you have a specific third party connection to the person who received the mediation.

  • You would need to have tried to resolve the issue with the mediator or service directly within the previous 3 months, and have evidence of this.

  • The complaint involves a  breach of the FMC professional standards (e.g. Code of Practice, PPC Code of Practice, FMC Standards Framework)

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