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We are proud of the training we provide to mediators, supporting the integrity of the profession 


A critical component of initial training and ongoing development for all mediators

Supervision is a critical component of initial training and ongoing development for all mediators to ensure they provide high-quality, ethical, and effective mediation services.  It supports continuous professional development, maintains standards and protects the interests of clients.

Professional Development

Supervision helps mediators continue their professional growth by providing opportunities to reflect on their practice, gain new insights, and learn advanced techniques.  


Quality Assurance

Supervision helps maintain high standards of practice across the profession.  It ensures that mediators are providing effective and ethical services to their clients.  Regular oversight helps identify and address any issues or areas for improvement.


Support & Guidance

Mediation can be challenging, involving complex emotional and legal issues.  Supervision offers mediators a space to discuss difficult cases and receive guidance and support.  It helps mediators manage the emotional demands of the job and avoid burnout.


Ethical Practice

Supervision ensures that mediators adhere to ethical guidelines and professional standards set by the Family Mediators Council (FMC) and other regulatory bodies.  It provides a mechanism to discuss ethical dilemmas and ensure they are handling cases appropriately.


Client Protection

Regular supervision helps protect clients by ensuring that mediators are competent and providing high quality services.  It reduces the risk of poor practice or misconduct, ensuring that clients' interests and well-being are safeguarded.  


Accreditation and Continuing Competence

Supervision is a requirement for achieving and maintaining FMC accreditation.  It demonstrates that a mediator is committed to ongoing professional development and quality assurance.  Accredited mediators must regularly engage in supervision to retain their accreditation, ensuring they remain competent and effective in their practice.  

Contact us to arrange supervision with a Professional Practical Consultant (PPC) 

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