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It is essential for all mediators to become formally accredited with the Family Mediation Council, ensuring a common standard of excellence within our profession.  As from 1 January 2015, new professional accrediation guidelines come into force which will require mediators to have a close and supportive relationship with their PPC, in order to complete the activities required for FMC accreditation Professional Practice Consultancy tailored to your needs.  To find about more about these guidlines, click here.


As these new regulations come into effect you may feel it important to review your supervision arrangements.


PPC Supervision

Supervision has always been a requirement for all mediators, however with the new guidelines a more reflective approach to supervision is necessary.  The FMC portfolio is a development of the LA portfolio therefore you may find it helpful to work with a PPC who has a thorough knowledge of its requirements.


Joan is an experienced PPC who has supported many mediators (from legal and other backgrounds) to obtain accreditation to provide Legally Aided Mediation.  She has specialist knowledge of the theory of Mediation and the Reflective Practice after completing her MSc at the Univeristy of London, Institue of Family Therapy.  


PPC support can be provided on both a permanent and short-term basis.


Please contact us to find out more.  




The new  regulations relating to continuous professional development (CPD) means that you will be able to achieve your CPD in more creative ways.


We provide local courses, inviting leading practitioners and academics to share thier knowledge, and provide FMC accredited CPD.


If there are aspects of mediation you wish to discuss or develop please contact us.  


Click here to find out about our events.

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